Friday, March 19

all about pretending

Addie: "Do you want to eat that?" (Holding out her hand, pretending there is something in it.)
Mom: "What is it?"
Addie: "A booger."
Mom: "Ewww. No, I don't want to eat a booger."
Addie: "It's yucky? You don't want to eat it?"
Mom: "No, I don't want it."
Addie: "It's just pretend."

Tuesday, March 9

doing our

Well, we've finally ventured into the wonderful stage of POTTY TRAINING. (Thus the doodie.) I have been terrified since Addie was conceived. Honestly. This was something I had no interest in tackling--ever.

I just love how her beautiful blonde hair shines. I hope she keeps it forever.

Overall, she's done great. I borrowed my friend's book about how to toilet train in one day. Well, after one day, and then another, and another...I would consider Adelyn to now be (8 days later) fully trained.


Jason's super-duper important and difficult board exams are next week. Lately this has become all too common. We all CAN'T WAIT to have him back!

Macie is getting bigger (Jason and I swear she is the teeniest bit chubbier in her cheeks!) and isn't learning anything new except how to eat EVERYTHING. I wish I had her metabolism. She is so cute and loves her sister, her pacifier, and babbling (when I remember to remove her pacifier...).

Look at her ridiculously skinny body. I just lovelovelove her, but wish there was a little more to hold on to!

Jason and I have been working hard at reaching our weight loss/fitness goals. If we accomplish them by our anniversary on May 22, we are treating ourselves to a fantastic night out. I am proud to say that in the last 2 months Jason has lost over 15 pounds and I've lost 13! Woohoo for us! We each still have quite a bit to go in 2 months, but we're trying hard and enjoying smaller pant sizes and going down belt loops.

And yes, I do occasionally put her in clothes... :)

Now I've done my duty (or doodie?) and updated y'all. Anyone want to come to Memphis for a visit? PLLLLLEEEEASE?