Wednesday, June 23


No kidding, the ultrasound yesterday showed the baby at about 18 weeks! My estimated due date is November 24th! I am shocked!

During the ultrasound they said the baby was measuring between 16 and 18 weeks on all of its limbs, spine, abdomen, etc., but was calculating the due date for Nov. 24. So, that is what they put in my chart! It might be a little earlier, might be a later, so there will be a bit of a surprise--which is good, I like surprises! Either way, if my due date is Nov 24th, I AM 18 WEEKS TODAY! That means I was already 11 weeks when I took the pregnancy test. Crazy, eh? They couldn't get a very good shot of the gender, but we are finding out this time, so I'll keep y'all posted!

Monday, June 21

We've had a busy few months. Here are the highlights:
My mom and sisters visited me in early April for a women's conference. Here we are, fancy flower faces, at the Memphis Botanical Gardens. I loved having a girl's weekend.
In April Jason finished his LAST final! Wahoo! This was the celebration sign Addie and I made for him. He is now in his fourth and final year of optometry school and only works as an extern in various offices throughout the year. With his lecture classes finished and homework a thing of the past, we are all looking forward to GRADUATION in the spring!

Jason turned 31 on April 19th. Whoa. He is now approaching 40 and has a hard time digesting the idea.
Speaking of digesting, my brother Kurt, his wife Heather, and their adorable son Harvey, visited in early May to enjoy some real Memphis BBQ. Unfortunately, during their visit, Kurt and Harvey got sick on Mother's Day, so it wasn't much of a celebration for Heather. Oh well, we had a blast having them here.

On June 5th, Macie turned ONE! It's hard to believe she's already a year old. We had a small party with a few of her baby friends (she was the oldest but smallest kid there) and Addie loved "helping" her open her presents.

Macie isn't walking yet, but finally seems like she'll want to at some point, which is an improvement. Her personality is really starting to show. She is always up for fun, but has a temperamental side, and loveloveloves her big sister. They are so cute together.

We had a family reunion in Columbus, OH earlier this month. Our new niece, Jocelyn Eve, was being blessed in church, so many of the Hairs made the trek to the land of the Buckeyes. I didn't take many pictures (grrr...) but did get a few cute ones at the zoo.

It was so nice to have a relaxing weekend with family--complete with a driveway bonfire! Thanks, Will and Caitlyn, to hosting us all!

Daddy, Adelyn, Uncle Willy, Cousin Chaela

The couples-- Jana, Jason, (Mom Hair behind Jason's head), Dad Hair, Aunt Gem, Uncle Eric, Uncle Willy, Aunt Caitlyn

And finally, the BIG news! Well...SURPRISE (to all of us, I assure you)...I am pregnant again! Please read my next post, dedicated completely to this event.



Mid-April my "monthly visitor" didn't come a'knockin. Well, since I was ON BIRTH CONTROL and STILL NURSING, I wasn't overly concerned. I let it ride. I excused the ligth-headedness as possible anemia which runs in my family. I upped my skin care regime because of the sudden breakouts. I took more naps for my sudden lethargy, but I was running in the mornings and still going to Stroller Strides...of course I was tired! I had stopped losing weight, but wasn't gaining either. But still...I COULD NOT BE PREGNANT.

After three weeks, I decided I'd better take a test. Just to be sure. But of course that wasn't it. But I'd better just check. Although I knew I wasn't pregnant. No way. Fast forward to May 3rd.


And not just slightly pink and faded, but a bright and bold and gleaming MAGENTA line glaring me in the face. I was pregnant. There was no mistaking those results. Bam.

We were planning on Macie and Baby #3 being three years apart. We didn't really want to even think about it until Jason graduated. This really rocked us. Well, mostly me, actually. Jason was surprised, but thankfully calm and collected and overly optimistic. I needed all of those things. It was very clear to both of us that there was a reason this baby is coming now--either for the baby or for us or both. I am grateful to believe that the Lord has a clear purpose for the trials and blessings He gives us. I am learning to trust in His timing. I am actually growing closer to the Lord through this experience as I need His comfort and strength and peace more than ever. Anyhow, I am getting excited. And big. And less tired--which helps with the excited part.

So, now to THE GAME. How far along do you think I am?? Because I was nursing, I hadn't really started having regular periods. And I was on birth control for only two months (mid-Feb to mid-Apr) but the first month was kind of weird, so I may have even been pregnant then. I honestly have no idea when I am due. Silly, eh?

Take into consideration three things: (1) this is my THIRD baby and many women have said you "show" a lot earlier the more you have, (2) most home pregnancy tests have a difficult time picking up a "positive" before you are 3.5 to 4 weeks along (that means that 7 weeks ago I was at least 3 or 4 weeks, but more likely 5 or 6 because I waited 3 weeks to take the test after I noticed I missed a period), and (3) the pictures. So, what do you think? Tomorrow I have my first appointment with a doctor (thanks to the slow-as-molasses process of getting approved for Medicaid) and hopefully will have an ultrasound and find out. I'll let you know!

I found out I was pregnant May 3rd. If I was 3 weeks then, now I'd be 10 weeks; 4 weeks then, 11 now; 5 then, 12 now; 6 then, 13 now; etc. Happy guessing!