Thursday, September 9

long overdue

Last month I lost our camera, which is also why I stopped blogging. Blogging without pictures is simply journaling, which I prefer to do in a journal. So, now that we have an AMAZING new camera, it's time to briefly update y'all.
Three weeks ago we moved into a house. A fabulous house with three bedrooms, none of which you have to trample through to get to the bathroom. Jason and I are happier, our kids are happier, and we are now determined to stay away from apartments at nearly all costs. The only downside? Roaches. Eeek! Oh well, maybe by the time we move in 8 months I'll have gained the courage to sweep them up myself. And did I mention the enormous kitchen this place comes with? I can't fill up all the cupboards, except with my children!
Can you tell how big this place is?

Unfortunately, the reason we were able to rent this house is because some of our best Memphis friends moved. Just today Addie said she was thankful for Corrine and Hailey during her lunch prayer. She's not the only one missing them, I assure you.
Jason started his first externship in Covington, TN, about a 45 min drive. He's enjoying feeling like a "real" doctor, and I'm enjoying being able to anticipate when he'll be home every day. It's fun to feel like a real family with a real job, even though there isn't any paycheck.

We're starting a mommy preschool next week with three other kids from church, and I know Addie is going to absolutely love it. She keeps asking me if she's going to be going to school with Heidi, my freind's daughter. She's so excited about school, and I'm looking forward to not only sending her, but teaching the class twice every month. It will be fun to get creative and involved. She has also perfected her dancing, we'll have to get a video up on here soon.

Addie singing to herself in the backyard. Yes, that's right, a BACKYARD!

Macie is finally walking! She's been taking steps for nearly a month, but will now walk more than half the time. She still falls a lot, but is mastering falling gracefully. It's about time, she's 15 months old! She is more territorial than Addie ever was (by that I mean she screams every time something is taken away from her, or she simply feels threatened by another kid that something will be taken), but is also very easy to smile. She loves lounging (sprawling out her entire body, usually accompanied by a sheepish grin) and playing with cell phones and remotes. We love getting to know her better every day. She is such a silly little kid.

As for me, I'm doing well. I get to take a nap nearly every afternoon, and have been able to keep up on the housecleaning. For me, that's pretty great. While this has been my most uncomfortable pregnancy by far, I can't complain. I've gained less weight this time (hurrah!) but am really annoyed because I can't jog anymore, it's just too painful. With Macie I was out jogging the day she was born! Oh well. I have a goal to walk 3 miles four times a week, which I've been fairly good at keeping, so hopefully I'll be able to stay in some kind of shape. This little guy is very active, doing flips and kicks all evening long. Hopefully he'll slow down once he's born, because I'm pretty nervous about having three active kids at home. When will I have time to read? Or, let's be honest, watch HGTV? :)

And this is our newest neighbor, Matt Hughes. Named after the UFC Fighter. I know you can't tell from this picture, but he's BIG. Really, really BIG. And we like him. He lives in our carport and comes out at night. We'd love to find out what kind of spider he is, we can't find him on the internet. Does anyone happen to know?