Sunday, June 26


I just downloaded all the pictures we've taken since May 20th and the grand total is 311! It's been a busy busy month, lots of work and lots of fun. Here are the highlights.

We crammed in packing an entire house and doing all the "one last time in Memphis" stuff all into one crazy week. Here we are at the Collierville sprinkler park.

Carson hated the water, Addie loved it, and Macie took some warming up.

Addie "graduated" from Joyschool. Oh, how she misses her friends!

And a family picture on the steps of our dear house on Satellite Street that we just absolutely loved. There are so many things I already miss about Memphis!

After picking up our reserved truck a day late because they ran out of them, Jason drove it 13 hours to Fredericksburg, towing our car behind it. I followed him with the kids. About two hours into our trip, TWO of the tires blew on the U-Haul, flinging tread back into my windshield. After three hours on the freeway, they were fixed and we were off, and fortunately without any more mishaps. Here we are waiting in the car for the tires to get fixed.

We had one week to get moved in and sort of settled. During that week, Macie turned TWO! My baby is a full-blown talking toddler! Jason loves the practice he's in, it's exactly the sort of office he's always wanted, although it IS far from family. But he absolutely loves it, everyone there has been wonderful. A few of the staff are even Green Bay fans! He's in heaven. And I already have two early morning running partners!

After being in VA just one week, we drove to Michigan for a family reunion/camping trip Up North. Camping will get its own post, there is just too much to say. We also had one other day there, so we headed up to Greenfield Village and rode the train and some old Ford cars. The kids had a blast. Thank you, Mom!

Now we're back in VA. Carson turned 7 months old, I turned 29 years old, and Jason's parents are in town for over a week! Like I said, busy busy busy, just the way we like it.