Monday, January 19

Memphis Monday: KIND DOCTORS

Jason has bursitis. His right elbow began hurting when he woke up Friday morning and got worse throughout the day. Saturday, when it hurt so badly he couldn't move his arm, he went to
the doctor. They diagnosed him and gave him two shots of antibiotics. In addition to the injections, he is also taking oral medications and regular doses of ibuprofen to reduce the swelling. He still can't move his arm well, but as long as he doesn't use it much, keeps it wrapped and elevated, much of the pain is alleviated.

(This picture is not Jason, just a picture I found online. His isn't that swollen, but it's pretty bad.)

He is supposed to go to a preschool tomorrow and give children eye screenings, but that will be difficult to do without the use of his right arm. The mobility in Jason's arm is very limited, he can't even reach up and touch his own face. Because of that, he went back to the doctor today and they gave him two more shots, told him to continue on the antibiotics and ibuprofen, and they'd see him in a week. They also gave him a note to give to his professor, so hopefully he won't get much grief tomorrow at the school screenings.

Now to the Memphis Monday part... Unfortunately, we don't have doctor visits covered on our cheap insurance. The doctor saw Jason reviewing his pharmacology notes while he waited and asked what he was studying. When Jason told him he was going to optometry school, the doctor (Bless him!) told him he understood what it was like to be a starving student and didn't charge us for today's visit or the shots! So, yeah, there are kind doctors out here in Memphis, you just have to find them.

Thursday, January 15

The last few days

Here are a few cute pictures from the last few days. Our camera finally has batteries!!!

Wendy gave Addie fingerpaints for Christmas. I broke them out today and she loved it! Here she is, completing her second picture for Wendy.

Mom and Addie giving their best "cheesy grin."

Kissing her baby brother/sister. She often will point to her or Jason's belly and declare it a baby as well.
Fortunately for us, Addie LOVES reading. Well, pretending to read. Here she is reading to Simon the Bear.

Monday, January 12

don't fret, we're still alive

We made it through the holidays and now it's time to get back into our routine. We had a great time in Michigan for Christmas (opened many presents, played board games, ate tons of Aleko's antipasto salad, pet several bunnies, and Jason discovered the wonder of Panera Bread) and then spent New Years in Ohio with Jason's brother and sister-in-law (I went to bed early and found out how DISGUSTING black eyed peas truly are). After New Years Will, Caitlyn and Chaela (the brother, sister-in-law and adorable little girl) spent a week with us, checking out Memphis and deciding to move on to Virgina. They left Friday and, after a lot of traveling and visiting over the last three weeks, we are finally breathing again.

The sign I made for my nephew Harvey. It's not finished in this picture, but you get the idea. I love making these!

Addie was constantly giving her cousin Noah kisses. They are both so blond!

The two kids in front of the tree Christmas morning. Addie guards her orange with her life.

My not so little little brother, Jim. He'll be 19 in March!Addie will be a big sister! Nice job on the gift, Mom! She now kisses my stomach and points at her own and says "baby."

I'm looking pretty good myself!
Really enjoying the festivities!

ADDIE UPDATE: She has learned so much in the last few weeks! She knows a lot of animal sounds and tons of new words. She has spent the last two weeks in nursery at church (A BLESSING!!!) and loves it. Her teachers are great and always tell us how well she does. Her favorite things are to throw things away in the garbage when we ask her, she is so proud of herself every time, and to kiss everyone. She kisses us, strangers, dolls, the people on TV, my name it, she kisses it. She's very compassionate when people get hurt, and cries at the sight of a bandaid. She is into pushing kids smaller than her, but I'm hoping with some firm yet gentle guidance, that will end in time. She is such joy, and I look forward to seeing what new thing she will learn every day!

JANA UPDATE: Me and the baby are great. I am blessed with easy pregnancies and am very grateful! The doctor says the baby is fine and growing perfectly, but we'll see exactly how it's all doing at the ultrasound in a few weeks. I'm still determined for the sex to be a surprise, and I'm looking forward to it! Young Womens keeps me busy at church, it's been a lot of responsibility, but very rewarding. Fortunately for me, the leaders are all spectacular, so I don't feel I have to worry about much. I was spoiled over Christmas spending so much time with my family, and I miss them already! I think we should have a Hutchinson Family Reunion next month at Graceland. Any takers?

JASON UPDATE: Jason's schedule this semester is hectic. He'll be gone a lot, which isn't a surprise, but at the end of this semester he has to pass a test to be able to work in the eye clinic this summer. He's feeling the pressure. I'm so proud of him, though, and very grateful to have married such an ambitious and capable man. He is so adorable with Addie and spends as much time with her as he can, and is very supportive of me and my hobbies/responsibilities which take me outside of the home a lot at night. I hit the jackpot!

Monday, January 5

Memphis Monday: WARM WEATHER (for awhile)

We got back from our WONDERFUL Christmas vacation on Saturday and went from piles of snow to 60 degree weather! We slept with the windows open that night. Beat that in January! Too bad it's cold today.

There is a lot more to say, so check back soon...