Thursday, August 30

The Memphis Top 10

Addie was happy for pretty much the whole car trip!
Happy Grandma!!
Addie loves Grandma!!

I just wanted to put a few pictures we took during the move and the trip, especially of Addie!
Now I'd like to describe Memphis with "The Memphis Top 10":
NEVER move to Memphis, TN if:
10. You are allergic to small amounts of humidity (you would surely die)
9. You hate BBQ's (They have so many BBQ places here, and they are amazing!)
8. You own ANYTHING valuable (it'll probably get stolen)
7. You drink more than a gallon of milk a day (it's over $4 a gallon here!)
6. You burst into flames once the temperature gets above 100 degrees (you would've been aflame everday this week)
5. You don't believe in pest control (you're place will be infested by bugs within a month)
4. You don't like the South.
3. You don't like friendly people.
2. You hate shrubbery's (It is very green here, even though Memphis is in a drought)
1. You don't know where Memphis is, and you're too lazy to look it up on mapquest.
Seriously though, Memphis is a fun place and very beautiful--and I am so excited to start optometry school here!
Thanks for reading.

Freakland and Orientation

So Jana didn't mention much of our trip to Memphis--so I wanted to fill in a couple of blanks. Dad and Mom came down with us, and as Jana said, they were so helpful and it was so much to explore Memphis with them when we got down here.

On our way to Memphis we went to a mystical place called Prairie Dog Land, I think it was the only thing in Kansas--I like to think of it as the Land of Fascination meets the World of White Trash. Basically, a guy went and trapped a bunch prairie dogs, and let them go in the back of his store, and then caught a bunch of other animals and caged them up, and then made a bunch of cows commit incest so that he could come up with genetically deformed creatures. Believe it or not this guy has a five-legged and six-legged cow (supposedly the only one in the world). All he asks is you pay $6.75 for admission to see his freak show.

As you can see from these pictures, the five legged cow has a leg growing out of the top of it's neck, and the six-legged cow has two little legs growing out from where it's bum hole should be.

On a different note: I started orientation at optometry school today, and it all seems very daunting. I found out that anything lower than a 70% is an F in all of my classes! And EVERYTHING is comprehensive--anything we learn our first week, we'll have to remember our 4th year. But I am SO EXCITED!! It's cool to be around so many people that have the same career goals--and it's not cutthroat--like one of the professor's said "the weeding out already occurred during the application and interview process!!" Although it'll still be tough, it'll be so great to start learning about what I'm actually going into!! I also met someone from Green Bay, WI at orientation--and she is selling Packers tickets, now I just need to figure out how we can afford how to get out there and pay for the tickets (Dane!)

I'm also starting a work study job at SCO, it'll be crazy to start out--there is so much stuff to remember. I went to train for my job, and my boss talked for about an hour and a half about all the things to remember, just with insurance plans we take from the patients!! But I think I will enjoy it, I'll only work 4-6 hrs. a week, and I'll learn skills that will be beneficial in my profession.

Wednesday, August 29

Come on down!

The longer I'm here, the more I like Memphis. The best thing about this place? The delicious southern barbeques! Our new favorite place is Corky's. From the pulled pork salad, dry or wet ribs, and loaded potato...this place has it all. It's no coincidence that, according to a recent study plastered all over the news, Tennessee is the 5th fattest state in the nation. 27.8% of Tennessians are obese. Number one? Mississippi. 30.6% of Mississippians are obese. I don't blame them, with this kind of food it must be difficult to stay in the other 70%.

So, hey, come on over for a visit. We have plenty of room in our new, spacious apartment and you're certain to be treated to a good ole southern Corky's BBQ!

Sunday, August 26

Help Wanted!

Addie has the worst gas problems. I have changed my diet, which seems to help a little bit, but her pain and discomfort is still really bad. Moms out there, what have you done to help your children? I feel like we've tried every trick in the book and nothing seems to help. Suggestions would be appreciated! HELP!

Saturday, August 25

Tennessians? Tennessigians? Tenneys? Forget it...Southerners.

Well, we made it. We're Southerners! Now that we're so far away from our friends it will be nice to have a place to keep you up to date on life at the Hairs.

So far it has been interesting in Memphis. It's blazing hot, with temperatures the last 3 days in the triple digits, and the humidity adds another 5 degrees to that. They call it the "heat index." I guess the heat has killed 13 people in Memphis this month. Air conditioning is such a blessing! I'm already afraid of our electric bill, but there is nothing to be done. I, too, fear the inevitable bugs. The spray our apartment buildings weekly. Can you believe that would even be necessary? I've never come face to face with a roach, but the encounter can't be too far off. Memphis news is also rather bleak; a shooting here, a shooting there, here a shooting, there a shooting, everywhere a shooting shooting. We're blessed to live 20 miles outside the heart of Memphis and are in what seems to be a safer neighborhood.

On the up-side (yes, there are positives to living here, as well) the landscape is beautiful. From brown and dusty desert Utah to the lush and green trees of Tennessee, it is gorgeous out here...and apparently we're in a drought! Also, it's going to be fun living so close to such a big city. We drove through downtown Memphis today and I can't wait to visit all the shops, restaurants, playhouses, local music bars, etc. Interstate 40 connects Nashville and Memphis and is called the "Music Highway" because of all the musical history tied to both cities. Nashville largely for country and Memphis for rock and roll. It will be fun to experience the local music scene, hopefully something we'll be able to do from time to time, though it will be difficult with a baby.

We've had Jason's parents with us this last week, helping us get settled, and it has been wonderful having them around. Between his mom taking care of Adelyn while we unpack and his dad fixing our dryer that was mangled in transit, their presence has been extremely appreciated. I will miss living near family. Well, I will miss living near anyone that I know, actually. It will take time.

Well, friends, thanks for reading our blog. We'll try to post regularly. Enjoy!