Tuesday, April 21

entering a new decade

On Sunday, Jason turned 30. Whew! In recent weeks he has told me that 30 year olds should no longer eat Captain Crunch cereal and that 30 year old bones ache more than 30 week pregnant ladies so I should get him a drink of water. Being 30 sounds rough! I'm glad I have over 3 more years to find out!
We had some friends over for cake (I made him an ice cream sandwich cake he had been wanting to try--it was delicious and so easy!) and ate tacos for dinner, his favorite. At school the next day his friend Brandon posted flyers all over the school announcing Jason was so good looking he was having difficulty making friends, and would someone call him to cheer him up? There was a gorgeous picture of him on the flyer, as well as his cell phone number, and in tiny letters at the bottom, "Happy Birthday Jason." Jason's day was spent trying to round them all up, but he enjoyed the prank. All in all, a successful way of entering his 30's.

These are my two favorites, exactly as they looked one year ago. Addie, the budding optometrist's daughter, and Jason, the happy dad. What beautiful eyes they both have!

Monday, April 13

a CALL for help!

So...I've lost another cell phone. Yes, that makes two in less than seven months. I'm lame.
Does anyone have an old Sprint cell phone they don't use anymore? I would be SO HAPPY to take it off your hands!

My dad gave me one, but the battery died the next day. My sister's friend then sent me one, but that battery died a week later. It's been quite the drama. Anyhow, I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. I don't even care if your baby has been drooling on it as a toy, I'd be so grateful!

I'm determined to be more careful.

Saturday, April 11

what a gal

There isn't much to say, except that I love watching Addie's budding personality. Thankfully she is imaginative and easy to smile.
Trying on Mom's shoes

Having fun going "Night Night" in a box

This is her new "cheesy grin"-- eyes closed, crinkled nose. Just plain funny!

Tuesday, April 7

Memphis Monday: DINNER GROUP

Since right before Thanksgiving, due to an incredibly genius friend of ours, we've been part of a dinner group. Right now our group consists of four families. Each of us make dinner on a designated day, Monday through Thursday, and the rest of us come by at 5:30 to pick it up. We don't eat together, we just show up and get our delicious meals.

Dinner group has been a great blessing in our lives! Not only do we get to try lots of different meals and recipes, I only have to think about making dinner or doing the dishes on Wednesdays and on the weekends. It's been awesome! Also, it has saved us a lot of money we would normally spend on eating out. Jason and I LOVE eating out, so often if he got home and I hadn't started dinner yet, it was a good enough excuse. Especially now that I'm pregnant, making dinner has sounded even less exciting (and I don't like to cook all that much in the first place) so dinner group has really been a lifesaver. I highly recommend setting up one of your own!