Wednesday, December 10

Three of Addie's loves

Addie loves...

OLIVES ON HER FINGERS (and in her mouth)


Tuesday, December 9

Memphis Monday: EDGED LAWNS

My friend and I were commenting a while back about the nice landscaping down here in Memphis. Residents (in the good areas) seem to care about their lawns. Not so much now that it's December, but in the summer the lawns are always neatly edged and groomed (although the grass is still yellow and weird).

Thursday, December 4

PART 2: Idaho

For Thanksgiving we went to Jason's hometown, Jerome, ID. His Mom sure had a lot on her plate! Not only did she plan Thanksgiving for upwards of 25 people, she also had to plan a wedding luncheon and reception only two days later. It was exhausting for all of us, but Gemarie (Jason's only sister) was glowing and the day overall was a great success. Here are some snapshots from that wonderful week.
(Thanks to Caitlyn and Jake for most of these pictures! I don't know why they're so small.)

A staple of any Hair vacation: video games

Watercolor with Grandma (Take note of Addie's leggings, I actually made them! Thanks, Tiff!)
Battling the singing fish

A very crowded Thanksgiving, but delicious!

Bonding with cousin Chaela, learning chopsticks

The parents

Happy Jason, full of triptophanEnjoying a moment of down time before the wedding luncheon

A very happy and very naked Addie at the luncheon

The happy couple, Eric & Gemarie

It was cold and windy, and Addie wasn't happy about it

The crazy siblings

The bride and her flower girls
Addie is so cute in that dress (thanks, Caitlyn!) but very obviously fighting a bad diaper rash! Haha!
Chaela partied all night long.

PART 1: Wendy in Memphis

Has it already been nearly a month since I've posted? This has been one of the busiest months of my life! With YW in Excellence at church, Wendy coming to visit, never seeing Jason, and making a whirlwind trip to Idaho last week, I feel like I'm finally able to catch my breath. This is the first of 2 catch up posts.

My good friend Wendy came down to Memphis in mid-November. She stayed for 3 days and we did all the touristy things.
We saw the Peabody ducks (and a fire across the street).We went to Graceland to pay tribute to Elvis (lucky for her I had already been before so I didn't have to read every single thing like I normally do). This is us in front of Elvis' grave, we're not very solemn, eh? We also ate some delicious BBQ (although I don't think Wendy was all that impressed), and got lost in a scary scary part of downtown. What did we enjoy the most? MONOPOLY MARATHONS! Unbeknownst to us (and possibly to her) Wendy likes our favorite game--Mega Monopoly. We played it twice (which in three days is a lot!) and, if my memory serves me right, enjoyed getting womped by Jason both times. Unfortunately we didn't take a lot of pictures, these are all courtesy of Wendy, but Addie had a bad fall right before she came and she wasn't looking very cute anyway. Ick!Jason and I always LOVE having Wendy visit! Come again when it isn't FREEZING!