Monday, August 31

look who we had over for breakfast!

Remember us?

Addie insisted we join her today. She's been toting us around all morning.

Tuesday, August 25

the start to a wonderful week!

Her happy face gives me my happy face!
So far this week has been a blast. Jason's finals were last week, so we have him all to ourselves this week! We are trying to do something fun as a family every day. Yesterday we did a lot of errands, and then ended the day at the park for a big Ultimate Frisbee game with friends. Today we're headed to the zoo. Stay tuned for pictures of Addie with the monkeys! She's been asking for them all day.

And here, as ususal, are some swell snapshots of my super-cute kiddos~
Macie is still too bumbly for her Bumbo!
Jason's newest hair creation, inspired by The Point

I love matching dresses on these two cute friends, unfortunately this is the best picture I could get. Thanks, Heather and Kurt, for sending these!

Wednesday, August 12

family in town!

Last week the Hairs and Hutchinson descended upon Memphis in great quantities. We had people sleeping on our couches, two big air mattresses in our living room, a cousin in Addie's room, a family in a motel and parents at our friend's house. It was a PARTY! They all came to support us for Macie's baby blessing at church and it was so nice having them here. Here are some pictures:
Below are Addie, Macie and their cousins Alexis, Merrit, Makayla, Chelsea, Jaxson and Chaela.