Friday, July 30

hutchinson family reunion 2010

I took Addie and Macie to Nauvoo last week for the Hutchinson Family Reunion. Jason, unfortunately, couldn't miss that much school so we had to go without him. All nine of my aunts and uncles were there, as well as my cousins and their kids. We had about 80 people total. We had a great time!

The pictures, in order, are me and my girls (we took a bunch of family pictures), my grandma and grandpa, Addie playing in the cafeteria (the same place where she fell and broke her front tooth pretty badly), my dad wearing one of my balloon hat creations, everyone all together, the great-grandkids and grandparents, grandkids and grandparents, and Dominic wearing my best balloon hat to date.

Even though we were all melting in the 105 degree heat outside, as long as we stayed inside it was awesome! We played lots of games, reconnected with family, saw the amazing Nauvoo pageant, and Addie got to get to know her cousins. It was a blast!