Thursday, May 28

a little bragging never hurt anyone

With a lot of help from my friend Heather, look what I made!

It was my first attempt at real sewing and I did ALL the work myself! Heather had to thread the machine a few times and tell me what to do, but I actually did all the work. The hardest part was picking out fabric to fit either a boy or girl. I'm very proud! Isn't it cute?

Sunday, May 17


We bought Addie these stylin' specs a while ago, and she can't get enough of them! This is her sporting a "cheesy grin" for the camera.
Here we are at the zoo, Dad and Adelyn both wearing their wicked sunglasses.

This baby is coming in 3 WEEKS! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Cute picture at the park.

Our Mother's Day activity--matching toe nails.
Oh, on a whim we took Addie on a paddle boat yesterday (didn't have the camera) and found out they are tough! Addie loved it, but Jason and I were completely worn out by the end. It was a fun family activity, though, but not one I'd recommend at 8 months pregnant.

Sunday, May 3

vacationing in good ole Missouri

Adelyn and I went to visit my sister Kari in Missouri this last week. It was Jason's craziest finals week EVER, so we knew we'd just be in the way of him studying, so the timing was perfect.
Here are a few favorite moments:

Happy in Nauvoo on a horse-drawn wagon

Loving cousin Noah in Nauvoo on a sheep (there were many many hugs and kisses between them the whole week)

Nauvoo Temple on a cold, windy, wet day

Making rope in Nauvoo (mostly included to show you all how PREGNANT I am--I'm due in 5 weeks!)

NOT happy coming home from Nauvoo, these were a LONG two hours

Fingerpainting--a very neat girl, a very messy boy

Just a great picture of Noah, don't let him fool you, he was having a GREAT time

Addie all tuckered out on the way back to Memphis

We had a great time and can't wait to see them again.
Addie has been asking for Noah every day since.