Saturday, March 26

being a runner

I am so grateful to have such faithful running companions! This morning Rachel Hite and I ran 10 miles, about a third of it in the rain. It was cold and soggy, but overall, I enjoyed it! This begs the question: At what point can you call yourself "a runner?" Is it when you've trained hard for a race? When you get out jogging three times a week? When you've burned 1000 miles in one pair of shoes? Does being a "runner" have more to do with athleticism, commitment, or sheer determination? A combination of all three? Or something else altogether?

I still don't know the answer, but I do know that today, I AM A RUNNER. And it feels pretty good.

Sunday, March 20

sisters & PIG

Addie is becoming quite the little artist. She drew these last week.
The first is a picture of Addie and Macie. The antennaes on Macie's head are her pony tails! I love it. She is always concerned about getting the eyes correct-- pupils and everything--and it makes Jason pretty proud. Ha. If you look carefully, you'll see she wrote Macie's name around the page.

This second one, obviously, is PIG. She's been practicing her letters, too, and she'll write out names and words as I spell them outloud. She's getting to be pretty good!


I ran NINE MILES on Saturday! Woo woo! Still hard, but not as hard as eight. Hopefully that's a good sign.

Saturday, March 19


So, our updates. Jason applied to one residency and we found out two weeks ago that he didn't get it. He decided against trying to get the remaining residencies, he just wanted to get a job and start working and earning real money. Since then our days are filled with job searching, sending resumes, and chasing every available lead. It's been exhausting and very very stressful. VERY. I'm so grateful to have a husband who never just lets things happen to him, but is proactive and ambitious and makes things happen.

We've looked into buying practices, associate positions, working for Indian Health Services in Alaska...nearly everything. He's had a couple phone conversations with doctors, but those ones want someone to buy their practice. We'd prefer just to have a regular job first, and then in a few years buy. I don't know if we're in a good position to buy a practice right now, and Jason would like a few years experience before having his own. He's had a couple practices want to interview him, but we don't have the money to just pick up and fly him to VA or NV for an interview, so we've asked for phone interviews first and are still waiting to hear. We still could do a retail chain somewhere, and we will if we have to, but that's our last resort. We may need to expand our search of locations, but I feel it's fairly broad as it is. Ugh.

Long story short, we're tired of not knowing. It's hard. We're scared. In my heart I know we will be taken care of, but it's easy to get stressed and worried when we're looking over our finances, or looking at the calendar and wondering what will happen in two months. The Lord has blessed us so much, and I know He won't stop now, but it'd be nice to have some asnwers now. So, please keep us in your prayers. We need them! (Wow, I am a downer...)

On a lighter note, Carson is 4 months old! Wow, time is flying by. He is such a sweet baby, so good natured and handsome!

Tuesday, March 15

new favorite photo

Gotta love these kids!

Saturday, March 12


I ran eight miles this morning. EIGHT MILES. Whoa. And it was hard. Really, really hard. But I did it! I had run 7.5 about two years ago, so this is officially my longest run ever. My legs feel like jello, but I am proud of myself. Last week we ran 7 miles and it felt easy to me, but today was not an easy day. Oh well, I pushed through it and DID IT! Yay me!

Friday, March 4

Memphis is best in Spring

There are several things I will miss about Memphis, one of them being the spring. Spring in Memphis is like walking through a perfume store- the smells are delicious. There was a giant honeysuckle bush/tree (?) outside our apartment and I loved opening our windows and inviting the sweet smell in. Yes, Memphis is best in spring.

The last few days have been WONDERFUL in Memphis. Spring weather, daffodils, short-sleeves, pink and white trees blossoming, smiling children, walks around the's so nice to GET OUTSIDE!

These pictures are from yesterday, our fun-filled afternoon. Macie and Adelyn loved playing in the backyard (and even Carson stopped crying when we ventured out). When Jason came home we walked around the block as a family, Addie practicing on her garage-sale bicycle and Macie gathering a collection of twigs.