Wednesday, August 8

feline summer

Since living in the country, we've adopted two country kittens.  They are the girls' best friends.

Jason, unfortunately, is allergic to cats so this will be the only time they have some to torture love.

Addie, especially, adores the kittens.  She named them Cinderella (the green-eyed "nice" cat) and Hairstyle (the brown-eyed "mean" cat).  Addie will play with them for hours.

These pictures are pre-and-post haircut.   

The "baby kittens" (as they are lovingly called) are also the main models of my two budding photographers.  Here are some samples of their work:

My poor husband, however, hates cats.  The other day I had to have a serious talk with him because the girls told me he said it was ok to kick the cats!  He denies ever having said that, but he has certainly shown them it's ok. Well, we've got it all straightened out now.  I am savoring this time with the cats, it has been so sweet to see the special relationship my girls have with them.