Sunday, October 31

haircut? whaddya think?

On Tuesday I have an appointment to get my hair cut...or trimmed. I am torn. Tonight I was looking through some old pictures and am now undecided what to do. Should I cut it all off again? Or should I let it grow, baby grow? I need your advice. I'm not saying I'll definitely take it, of course, but I will take it into consideration.
Pros- My hair gets done much more often, it's quick to blow dry and style, my face looks skinnier (or, actually, I was skinnier at that time, so maybe that doesn't count), I actually have a hair style
Cons- My hair basically has to be done every day so it's higher maintenance, not as many ways to do it (no braiding, and man, I love braids in long hair), must be cut more often=more expensive

Pros- Can easily be put in a pony tail for those days when I don't want to do it, braids!!, feels great when Jason brushes it for me, is pretty when cascading down my shoulders and back...haha...

Cons- Is basically put in a pony tail every day because I'm lazy (I had a tough time finding just three pictures of my hair down because it is UP in every picture I have!)

And, just for fun, I thought I'd introduce everyone to my older sister, Hillary. This is the best I've ever seen her.

Friday, October 29

Halloween Party!

Addie's Joyschool had their Halloween Party on Wednesday. They marched in a costume parade, performed a few Halloween songs, played some games, and we all enjoyed the sugar cookies they decorated! The kids were so cute and had a blast.

Donuts on a String is a hilarious game to watch three-year-olds try!

Left to Right: Adelyn the Black Cat, Aiden as Mulan, Avary as Princess Annaliese (I'm still trying to figure out exactly who that is) and Laker as Spiderman.

I'm still a little disappointed that Addie insists on being the same thing she was last year, but hey, it saves us money and I'm tired. I guess it's a good thing. :)

Thursday, October 28

brother's weekend

Over the weekend three of Jason's four brothers came to stay with us. Jason has been looking forward to the "Brothers Weekend" for a long, long time and, well, I was too. I love having people visit.
We went downtown Friday night to listen to some authentic blues music and eat delicious BBQ at BB Kings. We also took them to Dyers and all enjoyed deep fried twinkies. Mmm... It was so much fun. Jason and Aaron danced to a local band (check out the video on Facebook, hilarious!) and I waddled around, loving it all.
Saturday was spent playing Carcassonne and going to a bonfire/birthday party for some of our friends. Hayride and hot dogs included.

On Sunday the guys all went to Nashville to watch the Titans play the Eagles (Titans won!) and then Aaron and Danny had to go home Monday. Sorry, no pictures of that yet. Jake came back and hung out with me and the girls while Jason spent the day sick on the couch.

I have to say, though, the best part of their visit was watching them and the girls play together. Addie and Macie became quite attached to each of their uncles. Addie is still asking when she'll be big enough to go to the airport and visit Uncle Jake, and Macie misses all the spoiling she received from Dan, Aaron and Jake reading her book after book after book.

It was especially great to see Dan because he's leaving for a two year mission to Australia in a few weeks and this was our last time seeing him before then. Oh, and kudos to Dan! He's lost over 100 pounds to prepare for his mission...he even chose a SALAD at a BB Kings! Amazing!

Thanks, guys, for spending the weekend with us! We already miss you!

Sunday, October 24

bedtime thoughts

I'm getting nervous about having this baby. Okay, let's be fair, I've BEEN nervous. From the beginning. But now I'm worried that I haven't sang Macie enough bedtime songs, read her enough books, rubbed her back long enough...I'm worried that I won't have time to "make up" for all the one-on-one time I may have already short-changed her. And once Baby comes, Macie will get even less of me.

I've struggled since Macie was born with the guilt that comes with not being able to hold your second baby as much as your first baby. For example, I rarely sing Macie bedtime songs and Addie has always had bedtime songs. And now, with Baby quickly on his way, can I correct this?

I think it's important to focus not only on what can be improved, but what has been improved. I have been making very deliberate decisions lately to spend more time with her. Just over the last week she has developed a new, and wonderful, love for books. I make sure to read them to her as much as possible. I make sure to never turn her away when she wants yet another pair of shoes on her chubby little feet. I try and cuddle her after her naps whenever possible. But is this too little, too late?

And then there is time with Addie, too. My friend suggested planning something simple that can be done each day, alone, with your toddler. I've tried doing this the last two weeks and while I haven't been perfect, it has helped. We painted together the other day, and we haven't done that in a long time. It was wonderful to experience her lively imagination first-hand. But there are still so many times she wants me and I can't (or don't) make the time. And then there will be Baby...

I know all mothers just do the best they can. But am I?

So my question is, what do you do to show your children, individually, how much you love them? How do you make time for each, especially with a newborn in the house, who requires so much attention?

Dad taking his girls to bed

Friday, October 15

blogging again!

Addie catching a praying mantis we found IN OUR HALLWAY.
Our girls are growing growing growing. Macie just grew out of a pair of adorable shoes before I remembered to put them on her (always sad for a mother) and Addie is going to preschool. Both of them are in "Mommy Mode" all the time, Macie babying our dolls (wrapping in blankets, pushing in strollers, feeding bottles), and Addie babying me (when I'm so tired all I want to do is lay on the ground) and Macie. They're both going to love their new brother and Addie, I know, will be loads of help.

Macie currently likes baby dolls, books, Addie, drinking anything she can get her hands on, slides, talking on the phone, bath time, closing doors and SHOES! She definitely has a shoe fettish. I change her shoes upwards of 30 times a kidding.

Addie currently likes dogs, pretending to be a mom, dressing up, setting the table, talking on the phone, playing with her friends, brushing her teeth and washing her hands, and watching movies. I've been trying to limit her TV time, but with this pregnancy quickly coming to an end, my will power has been less and less--I've been so lazy! She has such a bizarre sense of humor (I wonder where that comes from??) and is so fun to be around. We never know what wacky thing is going to come out of her mouth! She loves calling others "Little Silly" when they do something crazy.
Jason went to an optometry conference in Portland, OR the end of last month. He went to network and ended up having two job interviews while there. Both were awesome practices, and he felt one interview actually went really well, so we're hopeful but realistic. He doesn't even graduate until May (I can't believe it's so soon!) so anyone else who they like just as much and can start NOW has a definite advantage, but we keep praying hard anyway! I'm just grateful he's been so proactive. Hopefully we'll have a job by the time we graduate, but honestly, I'm not that worried about it anymore. It's frustrating not knowing where we'll end up, but I feel certain we'll get a job somewhere even if it's not the job of our dreams...yet. So, we're just working hard and waiting *somewhat* patiently.

As for me, what is there to report? I'm due in less than 6 weeks! I was released from my church responsibility as the Young Womens President (the leader of the youth girls) about a month ago and am now the primary chorister (I teach the little kids church songs on Sunday). It's been wonderful! I FEEL SO FREE! It's been great to not be in charge of anything...just show up, do my job, and go home. I do miss the girls, though. I've also quit Stroller Strides. Between those two things my schedule has freed immensely and I sometimes wish I had more to do...but my list of books to read has grown leaps and bounds in the last few weeks, so I'm learning to fill up my extra time.We truly are a happy family. So happy. And I feel like I'm finally in the two-kid groove. I worry about the dynamics changing in a few weeks with the addition of our baby boy, but I know the Lord is watching and helping us and that our little boy will just bring us that much more happiness (and exhaustion). So, on that run-on, I'll close. It's nice to be among the bloggers once more!

Three happy hoodies!