Monday, October 27

Memphis Monday: GREAT CAMPING

We went on an overnight camping trip with some friends on Friday. We had hobo dinners, told plenty of embarassing stories, played card games, and had fun watching our kids fall in the mud. The weather was perfect for camping and we lucked out because there weren't many mosquitos. All in all, we had a great time (even though we forgot the tarp and pillows).
Addie loved wandering around with the other kids, picking up sticks and leaves, and getting very cold and very dirty. We are indebted to the Carlsens for lending us their camping gear. What do we want for Christmas? Our own camping supplies! It will be fun to go again!
Oh yeah, and we tried something new this camping trip. I read online that you could cut oranges in half, eat out the inside, and cook an egg in the orange peel on the fire. Well, I didn't have any oranges so we tried it with grapefruit. They were...

Wednesday, October 22

Our life in prime numbers~

2: How many months I've been the Young Womens President of our ward at church
3: The number of years Jason has left of school
5: How many weeks until we go to Idaho for Thanksgiving and Gem's wedding
7: How many weeks along I am in my pregnancy
11: Approximately how many times I've made dinner this month, how sad...
13: Addie now has this many teeth!

Monday, October 20

Memphis Monday: PRIDDY FARMS

(Addie was so small next to the big pumpkins, she loved trying to pick them up.)

I love fall activities. There is something marvelous about the crisp, cool air, smell of hay, and falling leaves that make every fall excursion delightful. I love carving pumpkins, drinking cider, burying myself in crinkling leaves, but I especially love picking pumpkins from a pumpkin patch.

(Daddy-daughter moment.)

On Saturday Jason, Addie and I ventured out to Priddy Farms, on north Germantown Rd, to find a pumpkin. We had, as expected, a wonderful time. They have a little train for the kids ($1), free playground equipment (the slide was a big hit), and pleny of hay bales set up for adorable photo-ops. The whole family, no matter how small or large, can take a hay ride for $3 out to a (rather dismal) pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch is obviously set up for the kids. They wander around and search for the perfect, pre-picked pumpkin, just like buried treasure.
(I want them all! I MUST have them all!)

If you don't want to take the hay ride to the pumpkin patch, there are PLENTY of pumpkins in the front for your perusal and purchase. Overall, I enjoyed Priddy Farms. We had plenty of laughs, dirty hands, and a delicious taste of what autumn has to offer. Ah, if only I were allowed to eat a donut, the cider would have been more tempting this year...

This last picture is to show you Addie's new love...blanket forts. This has been up and down (mostly up) for over a week now. She loves it. She'll sit in there for long stretches of time looking at her books. When we have our own house I will LOVE designing her a cozy reading nook!

Tuesday, October 14

Addie's Halloween Costume

This year I decided to make Addie's costume. My mom always made ours and they were so creative! I don't sew, and generally I'm not very crafty, but I saw these tutu dresses online and thought they were adorable so I gave it a shot.
I particularly like the long ribbons down her back and always thought she looks so pretty in light blues and purples.
On Halloween she will wear wings (she is supposed to be some sort of fairy) but they have so much glitter on them I didn't want to bother today. I'm thinking about also making a flower headband, but she doesn't keep anything on her head for longer than a second, so it might not be worth the effort.I made her this flower wand last night. This is the best picture I have of it. She wasn't that interested in carrying it around, but it does complete the outfit, don't you think?
I am very proud of myself. I think the dress turned out really cute and frilly, I love it!

Friday, October 10

picture tag from shauna

Here it is, the 4th picture in our My Pictures folder. Nice, eh? What a pretty girl, if I do say so myself. I will tag Caitlyn, Jami, Nicole and Kari. Just post your 4th picture!

Wednesday, October 8

i heart sushi

Jason and I can't resist salmon, crab, shrimp, avacado, cucumber, whatever, stuffed into a piece of seaweed and rolled up in rice. Throw in some soy sauce, ginger, and a touch of wasabi and California rolls become one of our favorite treats.

A few weeks ago my friend Shauna decided she would go out on a limb and try a piece of sushi. I was excited to introduce her to this new world, so I went easy on her. I believe we shared a roll with tuna and crab (very mild as far as the fishy taste goes) and, while she was very proud of herself for trying, she took one bite and decided that was the end of the affair.

Today I introduced these delectable treats to another friend of mine, Corrine. To my surprise and delight, she ENJOYED my sushi roll! And although she isn't generally a big fish eater, she asked for 2 more pieces! Ah, another one converted.

This is the BEST sushi I have ever had. Jason and I got it at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in DisneyWorld when we were there in May. Mmmmm...

So, I'm curious, how many of you, fellow blog-readers, enjoy sushi? I look forward to your answers on our poll.

Monday, October 6

Memphis Monday: OCTOBER

The weather in Memphis in October is gorgeous. Addie and I went on an extended walk this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed the chirping birds, slight breeze and other friendly walkers. Open the windows at night, revel in the 70's temperature, just soak it all in. It's great.