Monday, December 14

silly nilly willy pilly billy SILLY

I like my family because we are all so silly. Let me show you what I mean:
The Bathrobe Babes, lounging around in their ultra-comfortable apparel.
Below is what Addie calls "The Monster"

Jason's been saying for a long time now that we need a toy box. Truth is, he's right. So, today I created what I like to call the Poor Man's Toy Box. Made out of a cardboard box and some duct tape. Yup. I even made a duct tape handle for the lid. Just shove your toys in there, your kids, too, if you like, and wha la! A very silly and cheap, yet functional, toy box. I bet we use it for years.

Addie wanted a blanket dress, and this is what we came up with. The Nemo PJs were given to us recently, and we almost have to pry them off her body with a crow bar. Oh yeah, and I asked her what a camel says and she threw her hands in the air, just like below, and said, "Ta Da!" She just might be right.

Addie reading to Macie in a blanket fort. Just adorable.

And my favorite new picture of my favorite two silly girls.

And why isn't Jason featured in any of the silly pictures? Is he silly, you ask? Why yes, Jason may just be the silliest of all of us, however he's been missing since finals started. If you see him, show him where we live. Thanks.

Thursday, December 10

so proud

Yeah, it's been over a month. I know, I know. It just seems like my days fly by. After a fantastic Thanksgiving at my parents house, here at the Hairs we're now gearing up for Christmas. We are planning on driving to Idaho on the 20th and hope to survive the 25+ hour car ride with two kids. I'd LOVE to hear any tips you may have. (Two people have already recommended doping them up on Benadryl...)

What I really wanted to do was boast about my incredible little family. First, Jason COMPLETED his first half marathon with FLYING COLORS! He ran it in 2 hours 8 min and was pretty happy with his time. He said he'd like to do another one and finish under 2 hours. I'm proud of him. Afterwards everyone kept saying how easy he made it look because he didn't seem to be in much pain (and, truthfully, he wasn't) and pretty much took it all in stride. I was beaming. He worked so hard to accomplish this goal (we all did, really) and I am very proud of him!

Jason is in the yellow shirt right beneath the Finish sign.

Second, Macie worked hard a few days before Thanksgiving and got her first two teeth! She is also working hard right now at sitting up and can do it for about 10 seconds before she topples over. By Christmas she'll be sitting like a pro. I forgot how fun this stage is. She's curious about everything and grins easily. She is the easiest, most cheerful girl, and we just adore her.

Third, Adelyn is learning new things every day and developing quite the sense of humor. The other day she played a joke on Jason and then said, "Just kidding, Dude!" and busted up laughing. She loves singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at the top of her lungs in the store, and is usually wearing a hat--any hat--wherever we go.
Oh yeah, and here I am with my friends from church right before our ward/congregation participated in our city's parade. I walked behind our float and sang. It was such a great way to start off the season with the spirit of Christ. I have much to be grateful for.

Friday, November 6

funny conversations

It's been so fun having conversations with Adelyn lately. She's to the stage where she can talk in full sentences, and a lot of what comes out is pretty funny. Here are two from today.

Adelyn: "Mommy! I fell on my bum."
Me: "Do you want a kiss?"
Adelyn: "Yeah, kiss on my bum."
Me: "I'm not going to kiss your bum. Do you want a kiss?"
Adelyn: "No...want a kiss on my bum."

Addie got her two flu shots yesterday. Since then she's been obsessed with bandaids and has started playing Doctor.

Jason, explaining: "I'm going to be a doctor. That's why I'm going to school, to be an EYE doctor."
Adelyn, hugging him around the neck: "MY doctor." *pause* "A hug doctor."
So cute!

Monday, November 2

our little Trick or Treaters

I made Addie's cat costume. I made the headband with ears, the BIG tail, and two cat bracelets (cuffs). She loved having her whiskers and nose put on with makeup, it was her favorite part. I made her costume last year, and hope to have it be a tradition to make my kid's costumes. I'm not a great seamstress so it usually takes me quite a bit of time, but I love doing it.

This is how Macie, Addie and Dad felt about trick or treating:

Here they are, Adelyn the cat and Macie the duck. The duck is always a hit. Obviously it's not one that I made, but it's so cute every one of our little ones will have to wear it!
And here they are in their matching "I LOVE MY MUMMY" shirts. Addie's was a hand me down, and Macie's was sent to us from Grandma. They even glow in the dark! Addie thought that was pretty cool.

Tuesday, October 20

Anyone want to borrow a costume?

Halloween is around the corner (yippee!) and I have two toddler costumes someone is welcome to borrow. I have a cheetah costume (standard zip up with hood) and a homemade fairy costume (dress, wings, wand). If anyone wants them, let me know!

Sorry I don't have any pictures of the cheetah (would probably fit a child up to 24 mos), but here are pictures of my adorable fairy. (Honestly, I'm still just so proud I made this that I want it to be used again!) The fairy would probably fit up to a 3 or 4 year old.

Sunday, October 18

my track star

Jason has been training to run a half marathon for St. Jude on Dec. 6th. This morning he ran 10 MILES! Wow, double digits! I'm so excited for him. He's been doing it with some of his friends and really enjoying it. I never thought he'd be into running, and I'm looking forward to cheering for him as he crosses the finish line!

Friday, October 16

My favorite time of year

The air is crisp, the delicious smelling candles are burning, the jackets are retrieved from the back of our closets...fall is my favorite time of year!

For Family Home Evening (our weekly family night held on Mondays) we had some friends over for our tribute to fall. After eating dinner baked in a pumpkin, we all had fun digging out the ooey-gooey mess and carving our pumpkins! Our pumpkin is the girl with eyelashes, and our friends carved the menacing classic jack-o-lantern.

I think the ears are nice touch and Addie agrees.

And here is Macie looking fashionable in the jacket Aunt Kari knitted for her.

I love fall!

Thursday, October 15

Miss Macie is 4 months old!

It's hard to believe I am already four months old. It seems like yesterday I was inside my mommy's tummy, laughing at her and Dad's constant conversations about whether I'd be a boy or girl...and look at me now!
I love to eat my toes, blow bubbles, grab and eat toys,
coo and babble, and roll over. I'm just starting to perfect rolling back from my stomach onto my back, that has been a little harder for me.
I am grateful to have a big sister that loves to hold me, read to me, dance with me, help me clap, smother me with kisses, well, basically just show me everything that she's doing. I always smile when I see her.

I am one happy girl!

Friday, September 25

September is the month of LOVE

Love of sisterly giggles

Love of naked babies in the bath

Love of football

Love of new (and very delicious!) recipes

Love of a miriad of crocheted gifts

Love of baby bubbles at the fair

Love of our awesome stroller at the fair

Love of reading

Love of fairy wings and Family Home Evening Hug Necklaces

Love of Daddies

Love of Mommies

And finally, love of two little adorable sisters

Monday, August 31

look who we had over for breakfast!

Remember us?

Addie insisted we join her today. She's been toting us around all morning.

Tuesday, August 25

the start to a wonderful week!

Her happy face gives me my happy face!
So far this week has been a blast. Jason's finals were last week, so we have him all to ourselves this week! We are trying to do something fun as a family every day. Yesterday we did a lot of errands, and then ended the day at the park for a big Ultimate Frisbee game with friends. Today we're headed to the zoo. Stay tuned for pictures of Addie with the monkeys! She's been asking for them all day.

And here, as ususal, are some swell snapshots of my super-cute kiddos~
Macie is still too bumbly for her Bumbo!
Jason's newest hair creation, inspired by The Point

I love matching dresses on these two cute friends, unfortunately this is the best picture I could get. Thanks, Heather and Kurt, for sending these!

Wednesday, August 12

family in town!

Last week the Hairs and Hutchinson descended upon Memphis in great quantities. We had people sleeping on our couches, two big air mattresses in our living room, a cousin in Addie's room, a family in a motel and parents at our friend's house. It was a PARTY! They all came to support us for Macie's baby blessing at church and it was so nice having them here. Here are some pictures:
Below are Addie, Macie and their cousins Alexis, Merrit, Makayla, Chelsea, Jaxson and Chaela.