Thursday, February 24

the littlest schweedaht

I've found it's true what they say about mothers and sons...

...he really does melt my heart.
(And it's obvious he'll get anything he wants with those big blue eyes!)

Saturday, February 19

6 miles!!!!

So...I haven't wanted to post this on here until I was really sure I could finish...but I am training for a half-marathon! The race is April 9th. My older sister and I also want to do a half sometime this summer as well. This morning I ran 6 miles! Woohoo! I've been so blessed to have great friends to run with, who motivate me, meet at my house, and make sure I just do it!

Carson turned 3 months old yesterday. The time is flying by. The more kids I have the more I wish time would slow down. As of Wednesday, he can roll from his stomach to his back. It took Addie and Macie four months to do that. Well, he's a boy! He now weighs 11 lbs 2 oz. That's big for my kids! Haha!

And here is just a cute picture of Macie saying "Cheese!" for the camera. She's getting to be so big. She can say 15 to 20 words now, and is starting to sit on the potty from time to time. I honestly do love my job. Being a mom to three great kids, and wife to one fabulous, supportive husband IS THE BEST.

Wednesday, February 16


Having sisters around the house is so much fun. It's easy to see how much they love one another. Macie and Adelyn will play and play and play together. Here are a few cute pictures from January and February. I love my blondes!

Steelers vs. Green Bay

"Goooooo Green Bay!"

Tuesday, February 8


This weekend we were in Virgina. Jason had an interview for a residency there (which he felt went well, by the way) and we stayed in a semi-posh hotel for cheap. Well, we had a KING BED. And it was SO NICE.

So, thanks, King, for making your appearance.

And thanks, Green Bay, for winning the Superbowl and making my husband a happy happy man.

Wednesday, February 2


Last night I woke up around 3 am to feed Carson, who was sleeping beside me. Macie was sleeping next to Jason, who had somehow suckered him into allowing her to sleep in our bed. This isn't too uncommon in our house, we're a family of snugglers. After Carson was finished eating, Addie woke up and asked to come in our bed, too. I was firm and she did spend the rest of the night in her own bed, but that isn't always the case. While the four of us snuggled together in bed, to help me fall asleep, I started writing this poem in my head and finished it this morning. I thought it'd be something fun to share. Oh yeah, and Jason doesn't usually snore, but it has been known to happen! :)


When we were first married
Being close was our goal
Head on his shoulder
We slept on a Full

Welcome Baby Number One
Skinny body, blonde head
Co-sleeping meant sleep!
And she slept in our bed

A few months of that
My body soon shouted
“I need my space!
This Full is too crowded!”

Enter Baby Number Two
And I was quite keen
On getting my rest
Mom, Dad, Baby and new Queen

Much sooner than later
Came Baby Number Three
We bundled him up tight
Between Husband and me

And now that they’re older
They all sleep alone
But as parents, we’re softies
And we have been known…

To wake up in the morn
With three kids beside us
After the kicking and rolling
To grin and delight us

Late last night I awoke
With an elbow in my face
A leg on my stomach
Feet all over the place!

A baby to my left
Two sweet blondes over there
My husband was snoring
An entire family of Hair!

And year after year
As the kids keep on growing
Our bed, sadly, does not
And now Queen’s overflowing!

So, King, if you could
Make an appearance tonight
Rescue my family,
Solve our snuggling plight!

and the answer is...


I'm surprised by how well most of you did! Great job! It was also fun to see how many "anonymous readers" we have out there in the blogging world!