Monday, November 10

Memphis Monday: WEATHERMEN

This one was pointed out to me this last weekend by Nikky, so thank her for today's Memphis Monday.

In Memphis it is wise to actually listen to the weather on the news and bring an umbrella if the weatherman says it will rain, bring a jacket if he says it will be cold and windy, or to stay indoors with the air conditioning if he says it will be hot and humid. In Memphis the weathermen seem to have it right. In Utah and Michigan we would listen to the weather and never have much reason to believe what was said because half the time they would be wrong. Memphis, however, has great weathermen! Which is your favorite? Take the poll!

Monday, November 3

Memphis Monday: LOW GAS PRICES

Or does the whole country have low gas prices? We saw gas for $2.09 per gallon yesterday on our way to church! What is the lowest you've seen and where do you live?

Happy Halloweening!

Our ward had a Halloween activity the Wednesday before Halloween, and Addie seemed so big! She did the cakewalk (with Dad's help) and went pumpkin bowling (with Mom's help), but last year she was so small she couldn't do anything. It's crazy how big she is! Several people asked me where I bought her costume and I beamed everytime! It's an amazing feeling to be able to say you MADE IT!
This is Addie and her two friends that are her same age, Julia (the sock monkey) and Hailey (the Liger-yes, from Napolean Dynomite).

We also went trick or treating with some of our friends. I love trick or treating. Memphis, unfortunately, doesn't. Only every fourth or fifth house was passing out candy; it was so sad. We had a good time, though, even though Addie was pretty much done after the first street. I put her hair in crazy pigtails all over her head and thought it was so cute, I might just have to do that on a normal day!

She was so excited to hold her own bucket. The neighbors would put candy in it, and then she'd reach into their bowls and grab more! She was so cute the entire night, and boy, does she LOVE suckers!