Saturday, November 5

What do a cow, a duck and a butterfly have in common?

They're all very HAIRY!

I've used the duck costume for each of our kids, and it was pretty small for Carson (I think it's a 3-6 mos costume, and he's nearly a year!) so we taped the footies on him. I made Addie's tutu, wings (they were time-consuming), and her pipe-cleaner antennaes. She loved it, and I think she looks pretty. As for Macie, a few days before Halloween she delcared she wanted to be a cow. She was going to be a butterfly like Addie, but out of nowhere, decided she just HAD to be a cow. So, a cow she was. Our favorite cow! I have to say, even though her costume was so easy, she definitely stole the show. Isn't she adorable? And while I love making the costumes and find a lot of satisfaction in doing it, I find that I'm relieved every year when Halloween is over. Until next year...