Friday, November 6

funny conversations

It's been so fun having conversations with Adelyn lately. She's to the stage where she can talk in full sentences, and a lot of what comes out is pretty funny. Here are two from today.

Adelyn: "Mommy! I fell on my bum."
Me: "Do you want a kiss?"
Adelyn: "Yeah, kiss on my bum."
Me: "I'm not going to kiss your bum. Do you want a kiss?"
Adelyn: "No...want a kiss on my bum."

Addie got her two flu shots yesterday. Since then she's been obsessed with bandaids and has started playing Doctor.

Jason, explaining: "I'm going to be a doctor. That's why I'm going to school, to be an EYE doctor."
Adelyn, hugging him around the neck: "MY doctor." *pause* "A hug doctor."
So cute!

Monday, November 2

our little Trick or Treaters

I made Addie's cat costume. I made the headband with ears, the BIG tail, and two cat bracelets (cuffs). She loved having her whiskers and nose put on with makeup, it was her favorite part. I made her costume last year, and hope to have it be a tradition to make my kid's costumes. I'm not a great seamstress so it usually takes me quite a bit of time, but I love doing it.

This is how Macie, Addie and Dad felt about trick or treating:

Here they are, Adelyn the cat and Macie the duck. The duck is always a hit. Obviously it's not one that I made, but it's so cute every one of our little ones will have to wear it!
And here they are in their matching "I LOVE MY MUMMY" shirts. Addie's was a hand me down, and Macie's was sent to us from Grandma. They even glow in the dark! Addie thought that was pretty cool.