Monday, September 24


I have an announcment. Yes, it's true, Jason has slowly converted me to enjoy football. One compromise of our marriage was that he be able to watch NFL Football, and I must admit, I've enjoyed it! I watched the entire second half of the Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys and I was surprised when I looked up and an hour had passed!

I've never been one for football. I went to a couple games in highschool, just because my friends went and it was the thing to do. And, as embarrassing as this is, in all my years at BYU I think I only went to 2 football games. Shameful, I know. It just seemed so boring-- running up and down the field, jumping on each other, pass the ball, throw the ball--it was nothing compared to hockey. Growing up in Michigan, I was a big fan of the Detroit Red Wings, actually, I was a big fan of the fighting involved in hockey. I like watching contact sports. Jason and I used to faithfully watch boxing and the UFC when we had Dish. Well, football isn't nearly as much of a "contact sport." There are less injuries, but, to compensate and hold my attention, it actually does take talent to play. During the Cowboys/Bears game I was particularly impressed by Tony Romo, Dallas' quarterback. He threw that ball dead-on during some pretty sticky situations, and I found myself leaning in towards the TV, hoping the play would pan-out.

Ok, so I've confessed. Now I have to pick a team to root for on the quest to the SuperBowl!

Thursday, September 20

Hairy Update

Wow, we've been busy lately! It's a nice change for me, actually. Here is the update:

Jason LOVES optometry school. He loves shining all his new gadgets in my eyes, trying to figure out my prescription, my sphere, and whatever else he can glean from that bright orange light. He joined the school's Private Practice Club and they had their first meeting on Monday. He came home bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. An optometric consultant spoke with them about the "How To" of opening up your own business. He is thrilled about having his own office (I told him I get to pick out the lobby room chairs) and this meeting pumped him up even more.

It's wonderful to see him this excited. He looks forward to attending class and is enjoying making friends with others who have similar goals. I feel blessed to be here. While moving here has been a sacrifice in many ways, having the knowledge that we'll be able to move basically wherever we want and make a decent living and life for our family, makes Memphis worth it.

I have been busier as well. Yay! I just started exercising this week (I have the blisters to prove it!) and am feeling a lot more upbeat than I have in previous weeks. It's so true that exercise and physical activity really contribute to positive thinking. I feel the endorphins pumping through my veins! It's still HOT HOT HOT here, but I've been braving the heat and have been taking Addie to the park to walk/jog. It's good for both of us to get out, sweat, chase squirrels, and better ourselves. My goal is to be a family that is ACTIVE for fun. I want to take bike rides, hike, and camp together. I'm finally taking my first step towards making that goal a reality and it feels wonderful.

Friday, September 14

A tribute to Hutchinson, my maiden name

On our way to Memphis, Jason and I stopped at a gas station in the middle of Kansas. We found a treasure that I wanted to share with all of you...Hahaha! Random, I know.

Sunday, September 9

more from Mrs. Hair

Addie was looking particularly cute on her way to church this morning, and her clothes are starting to finally fit her! (Notice the adorable shoes, Lisa. Many thanks.) She will be 10 weeks old this Tuesday, I can't beleive it! Adelyn is such a happy girl, when she isn't trying to poot. (Poot; verb, Southern slang meaning "to pass gas" or "fart." The word fart is considered naughty and not acceptable in common speech.) What a beautiful girl we have!
Jason's introducing her to hip-hop culture.

The view from the top of the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis overlooking the Mississippi River. Not all downtown looks this run-down, but the view of the river from there is gorgeous.

I'm not going to lie, I've been rather lonely since coming here. It's taking me longer than expected to find friends. It's a good thing Addie and I can play together!

Our French woman.

Many baby outfits come with hats. They are adorable, but highly impracticle. This one came from Aunt Gemarie and while the hat is awfully big on her, it is awfully cute as well.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SuperAddie!

Wednesday, September 5

Imagination Library

Hey y'all!

I wanted to let all you moms out there know about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. It's a great program! Dolly Parton started this program in Tennessee that has branched out to many communities across the United States, and it might be in yours! Once you sign up, a FREE book is sent to your child every month until they turn 5 years old. That's right, it's all FREE. There are many women in my ward that use it, and I just signed up Addie today. The first book they send is The Little Engine That Could, and then after that they're supposed to send age-appropriate books. I can't wait to get them! Go to to see if your county participates in the program. Not all do, but you can check! (I don't think Utah County does, but maybe your parents could sign up for you and mail you the books or something.)

Hurray for Dolly Parton!