Wednesday, April 20


Jason turned 32 years young yesterday, and to celebrate the occassion Adelyn and I made him a BUNNY CAKE! My mom used to make these for my brother Kurt because his birthday was always around Easter, and I've been talking about making one for Jason for years now. Well, wah lah! Here it is! Addie had fun putting on the whiskers and picking out the colors of the nose and eyes.

Carson turned 5 months old on the 18th and, as usual, I just had to take my monthly pictures. He's getting big, but I think his 4 and 5 month old pictures look pretty much the same. He started rolling a long time ago, but just this month discovered how tasty toes can be.

And, for those of you wondering, Jason's interview in Fredericksburg went well and we got a GREAT job offer. Pending some minor negotiations, we'll be Virginians in June! I was putting off posting about it until the contract was signed, but am too impatient. Hopefully it will all be finalized soon. We are excited to be starting the next phase of our lives...the paycheck phase!

Thursday, April 14

the race

Well, I'm sorry to say I didn't achieve my goal. My ONLY goal was to run the entire race...but when around mile 4 my knee felt like it was going to cave in and I was going to collapse on the side of the road, I thought I should walk. Walk, run, walk, run, walk, run...for 9 miles. All in all, I think I ended up walking between 3 and 4 miles total. And I am pretty disappointed.

I struggled about whether I should suck it up, or be careful and save my knee. I'm glad I didn't push it because I was limping for two days. Today is the first day I can't feel my knee when I walk. Ugh, it is frustrating. I'm more proud of my 11 mile run than I am of the race, and that is sad. I'm supposed to run another one the end June with my sister Hillary. I'm going to take the training a little easier towards the end so I can hopefully run the entire thing. So, after a week off, we'll see how my run on Saturday goes. I will keep running these races until I do the whole thing RUNNING!

But hey...I FINISHED!

Thursday, April 7

this weekend

This weekend...
-I run my first half marathon! Whew! I'm excited and extremely anxious!

-we leave our two girls for two days with Jason's cousin. The longest we've been away from them, and I'm nervous about how they'll do and how I'll do.

-we're taking a 13 hour road trip to Virginia. Our little family loves road trips, especially in our new car!

-Jason has a second interview with a practice in Fredericksburg, VA. His first was on Skype a few weeks ago. The practice seems great, they seem excited for him to come, and we're praying we get the job!

With so much excitement in the air, it's hard to sit here and do laundry.