Saturday, July 18

Addie's new game

I just love her little cheesy grin!

Monday, July 13

fun happenings at the hairs

A video for the grandparents (and anyone else who would like to see Addie run around a car seat over and over and over again). Her current favorite past time is running circles around whatever happens to be in the middle of the floor.

We've had a busy week or so. Jason scraped himself all up at the ward 4th of July breakfast playing kickball,

we got all hot and sweaty watching the fireworks,

Jason and I saw Wicked (SUPERB!),

Addie and Macie wore their adorable matching dresses to church (thanks, Heather!),

and Adelyn continues to love her little sister more each day.

Oh yeah, I've also come down with a strange case of vertigo, most likely caused by something called labyrinthitis. It's pretty exciting as Labyrinth was one of my favorite movies as a kid. The vertigo is getting better, I am no longer confined to the couch or throwing up, but I still stumble as I walk and the world seems to constantly be in motion. The doctors all agree it should go away in a few weeks, but I'm praying for sooner. I can't drive and being confined to my apartment is making me CRAZY! It could be worse, though, and I'm very very grateful for some wonderful friends and a fantastic husband at helping me through it. Vertigo simply stinks.

Saturday, July 4

I am TWO!

Today was my birthday and it was sooo fun! We did a lot of things!

First I got ready in my "pitty berday dress" from Aunt Heather. I kept saying how cute I was all day. Macie and I went with Mom and Dad to some yard sales and they bought m a few swim toys, a little stuffed frog, and a rocking chair just my size!

Next we went to Burger King and I played in the play place for the first time. It was so much fun!

After that I took a nap in my big bed (soon I will be brave enough to sleep in my big bed at nighttime, too) and then WE WENT SWIMMING! I have been wanting to go swimming for so long, and now that I have my own water wings, Dad and Mom finally took me. I learned to kick my legs to move forward and how to float on my back. It was fantastic!

Later, some of my friends came over for cake and a party! We read books, played with toys, ran in and out of my butterfly tent and...

Dad played about 10 rounds of Ring Around the Rosie with us!

It was a great day! I love being TWO!