Sunday, June 28

picture time!

Macie is sick today (she caught Addie's cold) so we are having a lazy morning home from church. I thought it was time for more pictures so here you go. Addie's new favorite game is to do whatever Macie does (usually just sleep and cry).

Fun with my birthday balloons-

I just love her pudgy squishy face! (Ok, so she's really not that pudgy...)

Oh yeah, here's a little tip to make a new mom's life easier (courtesy of my mother). We all know steam can help clear up mucus. I used to sit in the bathroom and hold Addie with the shower on full blast when she was very little and stuffed up. My mom suggested putting Macie in her carseat on the bathroom counter while Jason and I take our showers. I never thought to take in the carseat and let it do the holding! I just finished showering and she is breathing a little easier. I love multitasking!

Monday, June 22

to my forever schweedaht

Jason, I love you. You are a FANTASTIC father. Here's why:

1. You make our home a peaceful place to be. Often when I am at my wits end and ready to burst, you swoop in and take over, calm everyone down, and still have the energy to play with our little girls and let me take a break. You don't know how much I appreciate that.

2. You pitch in. Being a mom can get pretty frustrating. I hate stepping over toys, giving the girls baths and cleaning endless dishes, but you (when you're able) help out. (That may technically go in the "Awesome Husband" category, but I listed it here anyway.)
3. You work hard. I love that you study hard and do well in school. I love that our children will grow up watching their Dad work hard and be successful. It's wonderful to know we'll be taken care of and I am grateful for the time and effort you put into doing well.
4. You play hard. Our kids are so lucky to have such an energetic and playful dad! It amazes me how long you can spin Addie around and never get tired of it, and how much you love just seeing her laugh.
5. You are committed to teaching our children about Jesus Christ. I am fortunate to have married someone who shares my faith and is a partner with me in teaching our children to know and love the gospel.
6. You love your children with your whole heart. When Adelyn was born I saw you tear up when you first held her. When we brought Macie home from the hospital, I watched you stare in amazement at her beautiful little body and whisper to me how perfect she was. Our girls have you wrapped around their stubby little fingers and it delights me.

So, this post is sappy. You are THE greatest person I know, and there isn't anyone else I'd choose to raise my family with than you. Happy Father's Day, Schweedaht!

Thursday, June 18

lots has happened, here is our update

My sister Kari and her son Noah came and stayed with us last week. Noah and Addie played, Kari and Jana talked, Macie slept and ate. A nice, relaxing week.

Addie and Noah having a great time squishing their faces against the glass.
At the mall on the carousel.

Broccoli is a healthy snack!

Trying to enjoy the sprinkler park (Noah mostly ran away).

A big storm came through Friday. Kari and I were stuck at the mall in the "Authorized Personell Only" hallways for about 45 minutes with our kids. (I wouldn't recommend nursing a new baby on the floor with a bunch of strangers crammed in a dirty hallway.) Jason was at home when our power went out. After a series of unfortunate events, our power just came back on LAST NIGHT (Tuesday). Fortunately the Northgraves, some WONDERFUL Good Samaratins, have let us stay at their house all weekend.

Macie's super yucky belly button thing fell off, so we gave her her first real bath in the tub...note the was in the dark. Yep, no power.

My parents came to town Sunday and will be here until Saturday. They also stayed (and will continue to stay) at the Northgraves. Addie loves her grandparents and they love their grandkids.

Fun with Grandpa at Steak N' Shake.

My friends threw me a baby shower last night. Because Macie is already here, it was more like her first birthday party! I have awesome friends, played some awesome games, and were given some awesome gifts. Cute new clothes, other cute necesseties, and a surprise...many donated cash towards my BOB Duallie Jogging Stroller! I can't wait to get it!

Shower games!

Lastly, Addie LOVES Macie. She always wants to "hold her, hold her" and kisses her all over. She is surprisingly gentle and loves helping. Here are some cute pictures from the last week.

Check out Macie's full head of brown hair!

I just lovelovelove my family!

Saturday, June 6

It's a GIRL

Surprising everyone (really only myself who hadn't yet packed for the hospital or got down the old car seat), Macie Eva was born bright and early Friday morning! Here are a few pictures of our precious little girl.

We were surprised to find out she has light brown hair and pleased she has a very easy-going personality.

And yes, after much debate, we decided to spell it MACIE just because Macy (which I preferred) looked too short and scrawny with the last name Hair.

We appreciate everyone's help and prayers during these last few days, we are blessed to have the most wonderful family and friends!

Monday, June 1

Memphis Monday: MAYBE NEXT WEEK?

I haven't been a very consistent blogger of late, so the Memphis Mondays have been pushed aside. I hope nobody is bawling their eyes out.

Here are a few cute moments caught on camera. First, Addie reading her doll Julie a book in the car. Jason named this doll and, unfortunately, it has Addie (and us!) all confused. She has a real friend named Julia so sometimes the doll is Julie, sometimes Julia, and sometimes Julia is now Julie. Confused? Addie is so good with little babies, Jason and I can't wait to see what a wonderful big sister she will be!
The second pictures are of Addie and Jason fingerpainting. Addie used to be very careful at not getting the paint anywhere but her fingers, but after this session with Jason, I'm sure that has changed! He intentionally showed her how to paint her belly button and face, and she loved it! One of the best things about being a mom is seeing how much Addie and Jason genuinely adore spending time with one another. Their smiles always make me smile.
This last picture is of Addie and Hailey. Hailey is our friend's daughter and Addie just loves her! Hailey was gone for several weeks on vacation and Addie constantly asked about her. This was the first time they got to play together after she came back and you can just SEE how happy Addie was!