Wednesday, March 26

Picture Catch-Up

Our new hairstyles. Mine is short, and Addie's is getting long. (Well, long enough that you can actually see it!)Jason reading a book to Addie. I got this book at the library sale for $0.25 and it is our new favorite. It's called Moosetache by Margie Palatini. I'm definitely going to get more of her books, her writing style is so much fun for outloud reading. I recommend this one, and from what I can tell from the author's website, her others seem just as entertaining.
This is Addie at our ward's Easter party. Her face was painted like a bunny and she got to pet the bunny and baby chicks. She didn't like the Easter Bunny, though.
And here she is in her beautiful Easter dress, all ready to go to church. It's a shame she cried nearly the entire time during church so Jason had to take her home early. Oh well, at least she got to show it off for a little while!
We had a great Easter this year, and hope yours was as well!

Friday, March 21

Vote for our Baby!!

We put a picture on Great American Photo Contest, go to: to vote for Addie.

We could win $2500 if she gets the most votes!! (Then maybe we could pay for Jana's gallbladder surgery!)

Wednesday, March 19

Florida vs. Nursing

Jason and I are taking a vacation to Florida the first week of May! The Taylors offerred to watch Addie for six days (I know, I am still amazed by how blazingly amazing they are) and Jason and I will be off for some alone time! We're staying 2 days in Ft. Lauderdale, 2 days in Orlando, and 2 days on a short cruise to the Bahamas. I've been going running this week in anticipation of the trip, I want to feel semi-decent in a bathing suit. We're so excited to go!

Because of the looming vacation, I've had to start weaning Addie. It's been an emotional journey for me, I LOVE nursing her. The bond I feel with her is so strong, and the tender moments shared while feeding her have been very difficult to let go. I'm doing it slowly, I'm now down to nursing her just 2 times a day, and have been letting go of one feeding every two weeks. It's been hard, for me and her, but mostly for me. I can tell when she wants to, mostly for comfort, and it hurts to have to say no. I would glady nurse her for at least one year, that was my original goal, so I feel bad to have to stop at 10 months. I know that's longer than many women, but for me, it doesn't feel long enough. This vacation, however, is very important for Jason and I, we need some time together, so the sacrifice is worth it. I have just been making a determined effort to hold her more than usual to make up for that contact. There will be other babies, afterall, and other ways for me to create special moments with her specifically.

Me and the CPAs

I have a job! I was officially hired today by a small CPA firm in Jackson, TN (about an hour from here) to compile business appraisal reports. The work seems challenging (as I don't have much background in real accounting), but interesting. I learn quickly and am really banking on that to help. My only concern is that my new boss believes he can email me all of the information to compile at home, but I have my doubts. Some of it seemed to be run on special software that my home computer doesn't have and is WAY too expensive to buy. We shall see. I would like for this to work out, so we have decided to give it a trial run and see if the arrangement works for both me and his firm. I'm just hoping to earn enough to pay for our groceries every month. At this point, even that would be a huge blessing.

Tuesday, March 11

Addie sure loves her daddy!

I'm sorry we haven't had much time to post lately. Here, however, is the best video of them all taken just last night.

Tuesday, March 4

Such good friends

Last night I got a call from Trina, one of my best friends in Utah. It's been about a month since we've talked so it was great to hear from her. She just had her third baby boy last week (named Jason, isn't that a great name?) and I was anxious to hear from her. She's doing well and always seems so relaxed, even while managing three busy boys- her stamina has always amazed me. Here she is, so calm and cool, with Travis, Jeromy and Baby Jason. I love this picture, I think it is so sweet.

Jason and I used to spend a lot of time with the Cupps, John and Trina. Jason would get together with John and play Halo while Trina and I would sit up late and talk. We often played dominos until the wee hours of the morning, getting slap-happy and singing crazy songs. We once went camping in Moab and had the greatest time hiking the arches. Also, we are much indebted to them for endlessly using their grill. I simply miss having them so close. I don't really have much to say, I'm just very grateful for the friendships that I have.

It's great to be 8!

Wow, time is flying by. I am now 8 months old and can hardly believe it myself! Some of my favorite things to do are laugh at others during church, sit up and play with my toys (I'll do this for long stretches of time), talk to myself, eat Mom's hair, dance to Alicia Keys with Dad, look at cars drive by our apartment, chew on pens, and EAT EAT EAT.
Check out the picture below. It's not because I didn't like what I was eating (mandarin oranges and pickles are my favorites) but I made that face because Mom didn't put enough food on my spoon! I always throw a fit when I think the bite should be bigger!
That's about it for now. It's time for my nap.

Saturday, March 1

I don't know why, but I love taking pictures of Addie with her shirt on her head. (There isn't much to do when you're supposed to be resting.) These ones yesterday were particularly cute. Our favorite is the one with her hands folded in her lap, Jason refers to that picture as his little Angel Girl. In the second she's our little gangsta. Oh, and I hope you notice how big her belly is! She's getting bigger!

our talkative girl

Just thought we'd show a cute video of our little girl and her personality!