Friday, August 29

Squinty Eyes

Here is a video of Addie doing "Squinty Eyes." It's one of her new favorite things. She also LOVES apples, but she prefers eating them whole so we have to watch her carefully.

Wednesday, August 20

Memphis Monday: LIGHT RAIN

Yeah, yeah, I know it's Wednesday.

I just got back from my longest jog yet (a little over 6 miles!) and it drizzled/rained the entire time. It was WONDERFUL. Ah, the joys of living here definitely include the fantastic rain.

By the way, the name Renesmee is RIDICULOUS. I will withhold all further comments until I finish the book.

Saturday, August 16

Happy Little Hair (and other not quite as interesting stuff)

Our Happy Little Hair is walking around like crazy! Addie can turn corners, squat, cruise, and fall down really well! She's figured out that she can hold our hands and lead us to what it is she wants, and now knows to go to the front door when we say "outside." She'll also bring us her shoes! This is my favorite age yet, she learns new things every day and it is so exciting to watch her figure things out. She likes to color on her magnadoodle (but doesn't like to share it with other kids) and knows what her belly button is! It is so cute to watch her lift up her shirt and stick her pudgy little finger into its depths, all with a huge smile on her face. Jason is enjoying the last few weeks of his summer break. After this summer, he doesn't have an extended break until he graduates in three years! We've tried to make the most of it by spending plenty of time together and getting out and enjoying Memphis (well, as much as you can in 100 degree weather). He has the week off of work before school starts and we'll most likely go on a three day vacation somewhere close. Any suggestions? I'm still doing running in the mornings with my friend and have really enjoyed the break in the heat the last week or so. Unfortunately it seemed to be back today in full force. I hope to run a half marathon in December, and am really praying that I make it. I also have LOVED watching the Olympics recently, but will be glad when they're over as well. I'm hoping my house will be more clean! (Does anyone feel the same way that I do about Michael Phelps? I'm happy for him, but very very sad for all his opponents. It's almost like all their time and training doesn't even matter because they don't have a shot against him! Anyhow...)

We're happy over here. Sad that summer is coming to a close because it's been WONDERFUL to have Jason home so much, but then again, we're one year closer to being done! I mean, look at this picture, what will Addie do without him??

Monday, August 4


My friend Corrine and I have been going jogging in the wee hours of the morning (4:45 am!!) the past two weeks. Because of the terrible Memphis heat, we have to go that early. While it's extremely difficult to get out of bed, I have enjoyed spending more time with Corrine, getting my exercising done before my day really starts, but most of all I've enjoyed seeing the same faces every time we go.

Corrine and I have started to recognize the stalwart few: "The Kenyan" who walks the track but somehow keeps pace with our jog; the woman who goes alone every morning and always has a friendly word for us as we go by; two middle-aged men, one always wearing a baseball hat, who banter and chuckle along the path. There are others, but those are the regulars. We look for their cars and are always grateful when they show up, feeling more confident when we aren't alone. Memphis gets a bad rap, if you don't think there are friendly people in this city, you aren't waking up early enough! Come and join us any morning at Freeman Park!

Hopefully I'll someday look like the woman in this picture, keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, August 1

Addie's Walking!

Just wanted to show a video of Addie's new trick. Enjoy!

Before long she'll be beating me at races.

And here's another cute one of bathtime:

Sorry they're a little dark for some reason.