Monday, July 8

recent hair happenings

I got an email from an old friend recently, reminding me I haven't updated my blog in...forever.  I honestly didn't think anyone checked this anymore.  I'm glad there are some who haven't given up on me!  Here is a post I just put on the blog I share with my parents and siblings.  It has snippets of my adorable kiddos, and some pretty sweet pics of me and Jason.  Enjoy!!

~ ~ ~

I love summer.  I love that Addie is home from school and we're not in a hurry every morning.  I love play dates, and staying up late with Jason, and tomatoes ripening on my porch.  I'm already dreading school starting again.  This last month has flown by! 
 The week before school let out, Addie got a terrible case of poison ivy.  Here it is, at its peak.  She was a trooper and smiled through most of it.  Not me, I got it and complained endlessly.
 Sibling Love
Sunday Stations
Draw your favorite scripture stories...and yes, Carson wears those PJs nearly every day

 The coolest folks around!

Macie turned 4! 
We have made it a tradition to have the kitchen table decorated when they wake up in the morning, and they are allowed to open one present at breakfast time.

 My adorable little guy

 Macie's Princess Party was a hit!  We had tons of little boys and girls here, dressed in costume.  Jason and I spent the afternoon building the cardboard box castle, complete with tunnels and a toy kitchen in the back (that's what the second picture is).  We ended the night with an outdoor movie, and watched Sleeping Beauty.  It was so much fun.  We really love our house, it is great for entertaining, and the yard (although a fat pain to mow) was awesome for the kids.  Jason and I high-fived when it was all over, and totally felt like cool parents.
I don't have many, Jason has more on his phone, but these are the few I got.

 I love this last one with the magnifying glass, it's pretty cool.  That was on the drive home.
 Addie is a great big sister!
 Macie is looking so grown up these days. She has such a cute smile.
 Addie turned SIX on the 3rd.  Here is her requested turtle cake.  She had a friend from school over for almost the entire day on her actual birthday and...
 an old preschool friend over on Friday for a Girls Night, complete with making their own pizza, painting toenails, and watching Brave.  (Thanks for the PJs, Hillary!)
This is soooo Carson, asleep in the car with a giant dump truck on his lap.
I'm so sad there are less than two months left of summer!  I am trying to savor every day.  We leave for Utah on Wednesday and return Tuesday.  My brother-in-law is getting married this weekend and it will hopefully be a blast (if we don't scorch to death).  Yay for summer!!!


Katie said...

I love the hair family! great to see all your faces! I can't believe you have 4 kids! I have seen a few of these of these pics but blogs really are the best to get a real glimpse into life. don't ya think? miss you guys!

Matt & Corrine said...

Love the update!! I cannot believe how grown up the kids look! So cute! Hailey asked me today if we were going to live by Addie again. :) And you wouldn't believe it. She said she remembered what your house looked like. I didn't know if I should believe it because she was barely three when we left. But sure enough, she described it in detail (the Meadows)! And she even told me about the time "when we made something squishy in a bag and Addie's mommy had lots of friends over." Apparently you made quite the impression. :)

BlueAdagio said...

I still read your blog. Every couple months I sit down and catch up on everyone's life through their blogs. It's not very personal, but I do love seeing your family. Thanks for posting all the pictures. Makes me miss you, however.

The G-5+2 said...

So good to see your faces. All of your kids are so big. Maybe I should think about updating my blog, it has been over 2 years. My how time flies. I miss you friend.

Rob, Adrienne, Sam, Ada and Tony said...

Yes we still read! Thanks for the cute summer pictures! I'm sorry to hear you got poison oak. Yuck. Your party looked really cool. You guys deserve a night out on the town without kids for that awesome kid party.

Sarah said...

I still check your blog!! You need to post more. Miss you lots and lots. Cutest kiddos...